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My Approach

I find, the most successful work happens when there are two areas that align.  

The first match is finding the right therapeutic approach, or treatment, for what the client is struggling with. For this, I rely on what the research shows to be most helpful and effective treatments, also know as "evidence-based practices." In general, these approaches will include homework between sessions, learning and using concrete skills and setting goals for progress. Our work will be deep, but action-oriented.  


The next match is equally, if not more, important, and this is the fit between the client and the therapist. Therapy, while incredibly helpful, can be hard, scary and messy. It requires vulnerability, authenticity and trust between the therapist and the client. In my approach, my role, and my most important job, is to create a space grounded in empathy and free from judgement.

I bring expertise about therapy. You bring expertise about you.


Together, we help you get back to living a full and vibrant life. 


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