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Individual Eating Disorder
For Adults

Eating disorders are incredibly life altering and can quickly become deeply entrenched. With the use of evidence-based practices and a supportive team, you can begin to address the patterns, ways of thinking and habitual behaviors that drive your eating disordered behavior. Whether you meet criteria for an eating disorder or you are just struggling with problematic eating patterns, when food and your body are impeding on your joy and quality of life, you deserve support. 

For the client, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders is an action-oriented approach that will have you track your eating habits, help you begin a regular pattern of eating and address the underlying thoughts and feelings about food and your body that are driving the eating disorder. 

This treatment is appropriate for adults, and some adolescents, struggling with food and body image issues. If you are the parent of an adolescent, struggling with anorexia or bulimia, you may be interested in the Family Based Treatment model tab under Therapy Services. If you are unsure if family or individual treatment would be best for your adolescent, please contact me and I can provide consultation. 

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