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Bryn Miller Therapy


Providing Expert Eating Disorder Therapy
for Individuals & their Families

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Individual Therapy

Individual Eating Disorder Therapy

Family-Based Treatment
for Adolescents
Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Therapeutic support rooted in evidence-based practices, compassion and warmth.

For those suffering and their loved ones.

About me

I am a Colorado native with a passion for empowering individuals and their loved ones to address the behaviors keeping them stuck in frustrating patterns. From eating disorder treatment to parental empowerment, my goal is to provide skills you can use to help you change your life. 

Getting Help

Especially if you are used to handling things on your own,

going to therapy can feel like a huge shift.

It can be hard to know that you deserve help.

I aim to offer support, guidance and skills.







If you missed my talk Difficult Conversations and How to Navigate them During the Holidays, you can see the recording here! And don't forget to join the link at the top of the page for the email version!

This hour-long talk will give you a 3-Step Process on how to manage Expectations, Criticism and Limit Setting during the holidays. Great for those struggling and those that love them! Enjoy!

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